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EMCOM Customized Solutions for Your Fencing Applications
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Are you frustrated trying to find the right hardware for your fencing application? Are you finding that nothing currently available is just what you need?

Whether your application is for wood, ornamental aluminum, or other fencing materials, EMCON offers in-house design services to help find the perfect solution for your project. EMCON has the capabilities to design, prototype, and produce a product that will solve your design dilemma.

EMCON has developed a 4-Step System to get your product from concept to final production:

  • Problem and Product Evaluation
  • Design and Development Stage
  • Pre-production
  • Production

1) Problem and Product Evaluation

The process will begin with a dialogue between you and EMCON design staff to clarify what the problem is, determine why available products don’t provide a solution and to discuss design options to provide the best possible product for your application. You will need to provide information on the specific application and end use for your product. To begin the process, call EMCON toll free at 1-877- EMCON-4-U (1-877-362-6648).

2) Design Stage

Once the appropriate design concept has been determined, EMCON’s design team will create a drawing of the proposed product for your review and approval. Depending on the complexity of the design, this may require more than one revision to the design. EMCON does not charge for their design services and doesn’t limit the number of revisions to a design. EMCON is committed to your complete satisfaction. EMCON will continue to work with you until the best possible solution to your design problem has been provided.

3) Pre-Production

Once you have provided your approval on the design, the product goes into pre-production. During this phase a prototype will be made and provided for your approval. Parts will be extensively tested to insure that they meet all of your requirements and that you are completely satisfied. Once you approve the prototype, work will begin on the design of tooling and fixtures. Tooling costs can vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of the product. In some cases, the tooling can cover a family of parts in different sizes. Depending on projected quantity needs and the intricacy of the design, progressive dies/tooling may be required.

The cost of the tooling can be covered in various ways:

  • You can cover all of the cost of the tooling and fixtures and retain complete ownership.
  • EMCON may decide to absorb the cost of tooling and fixtures andretain complete ownership.
  • You and EMCON may jointly agree to amortize the cost of tooling and fixtures over a set quantity of parts. EMCON would retain ownership until you have purchased all of the agreed upon quantity. At that time, the ownership is transferred to you.

4) Production

Once the tooling is complete, production will begin on your initial order. Minimum quantity required will vary depending on the complexity and size of the products. Smaller parts will require larger quantities to meet minimum requirements for initial and follow-on orders. These minimums are typically in the thousands of parts. Larger and more complex designs will have smaller quantities minimums and are typically in the hundreds. EMCON will work with you to come to a joint agreement on what size orders will be needed.

EMCON will work with you to address your inventory needs. If your facility operates with JIT (Just In Time) production scheduling, EMCON can inventory your parts to coordinate with your production requirements. The details of your scheduling needs will be worked out during this 4-Step Process.

Keep your eye on our future blog posts as we will cover some examples of EMCON’s design solutions for satisfied customers. Be sure to check back soon. In the meantime, if you have a design problem you need solved, get started today and call EMCON at 1-877- EMCON-4-U (1-877-362-6648).